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Personal update

My little man, by Mike Constantinou


Personal update – as my closest family, friends & clients know, over the last two years I have reduced the number of both christening & portrait sessions I have accepted.
This was due to a few reasons I would like to share.

I came to some realisations over the last few years & especially with the birth of my second child Lukas. What I had come to realise & appreciate was that success; especially my personal success has many different facets.

As my renown grew, the number of portrait & christening sessions also grew – which is the natural progression of an artistic business but at that time I didn’t see the true cost – I began to see less & less of my own family, especially my children & wife.

How do you put a value on that?

My second realisation was also this was cyclic, my mum also worked very hard. I began to understand my relationship with her a lot better as it was being reflected in my relationship with my own children.

The simplest view was two fold, I didn’t want to miss out on my kids being kids & have to wait until they were all grown up before I could have a relationship with them.

My wife also noticed a slight shift in me as I was not expressing myself via my photography.

So what is the answer – how does one find the balance?

With Lukas coming up to his second birthday & Alysia starting four year old kindergarten (also my beautiful wife seeing how my personality shifts when I’m not crafting portraits) it’s time to open myself up a little once again.

Time to work towards my centre.

I have had a mountain of emails and phone calls regarding portrait & christening sessions, so to everyone – family, friends, clients both old & new – Thank you.

I will be publishing some dates for a personal project I am embarking on & would love for you to join me.

Best Wishes,






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2015 Children Jelly Bean Photography photography portraiture

National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP)

I was thinking of how I can better serve my clients and further my career as a Melbourne Child Photographer. So I plucked up the courage & submitted my work to The National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) for review.

I am pretty pumped to say, I was accepted!!



If you’ve never heard of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP), here is a little extract from their website:

NAPCP grants membership to photographers who are dedicated to exhibiting quality images of children on a consistent basis.

NAPCP members are expected to reflect exceptional skills in photography, originality and creativity, while promoting the honesty
and spirit of the children they capture. NAPCP members should uphold the highest ethics and integrity within their business practices.

The National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) is a member-based association representing and promoting the community of professional child photographers. The NAPCP provides a valuable platform for seasoned veterans and rising professionals alike to share their experiences, hone their craft and raise their professional visibility.

NAPCP connects parents searching for child photographers with its members by providing a comprehensive directory and informative articles on what to expect from their professional photography experience.

Well, what does this all mean? I’ll be working even harder than ever to create and produce beautiful portraits for my clients!

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