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Portrait Session Outtake – it is the little moments in between.

Mike Constantinou Anton Portrait 2015 jelly bean photography melbourne

During one of my little people portrait sessions, sometimes my portrait sitters get a little tired 🙁

This poor little man was teething, hadn’t slept too well and had a unsettled little tummy but he was an absolute angel to work with!


I really love this capture – it’s the moments in between that are the most beautiful.

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2015 personal photography portraiture

My fair ladies

my fair ladies by mike constantinou, jelly bean photography melbourne

No words can describe the absolute love I feel for these two.

M xx

2015 personal

Small joys 

one of the small joys I have as being both a dad & photographer is when my eldest ask 

“Daddy, can we print some photos from our holiday to show school tomorrow?”

That’s when I love to get inspired – looking thorough moments captured with my little ‘art director’. 

“This one?”
“Nope that one”

After working through the short list, the finalists are choosen, edited and printed. Then carfully slid into their little album. 

I was told she had quite a few kindy kids enthralled with her stories and album the next day. 

Makes me pretty chuffed to be both a Dad and photographer.