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I am a loving husband, a silly dad, a bit of a clown & a photographer.. who am I?

I am Mike Constantinou!

Mike Constantinou


I could tell you that I was born with a camera in my hand but I wasn’t (because that’s silly and I was eight when I got it). I had a heap of fun taking photos with a little automatic minolta camera given to me by my mum, pretty much photographing anything. Looking back I kinda feel bad because I spent a lot of years cutting the heads off people from all the photographs I took!

I’m really happy that 28 odd years later I am a much better photographer!

Having had a very diverse life, I can truly feel that my work has never been as important to me than it is now. For years I have been capturing the special moments of families all over Melbourne (I am best known for my work as a Melbourne Christening Photographer) and now with a little family of my own, I look back at my family portraits and know their real value.

Personal_Mike_Constantinou-9601In this digital age, we take photography for granted as most of us have cameras  incorporated into our everyday belongings and we can ‘always’ take photos when ever we want. The sad bit is that because we’re all busy, we often don’t make the time to have the special moments captured properly or we do make the time & the ‘photographer’ of the family is always missing – because they are the ones taking the photo! (I talk to a lot of new parents who realise this all too late & discover their now grown up child has no photos with both their parents!)

This is not a sales plug – go and find yourself a professional photographer who’s work you really love and get your family portrait taken. Not only once, make it often because as us new parents discover, time flies way too quickly!

If you’d like to say hi or get in touch, click on ‘Get in touch’ in the menu and send me an email!

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