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5.43 – time to make a change. Looked down, didn’t like what I saw. Got off my butt & went to the store, bought some sneakers. Got home, hung out with the wife & kiddies, sat down, responded to client emails, wrote some copy for my website.


Figured out I was procrastinating by working… Got off my bum & onto the cross trainer… 40min later 5.43km..

Now I have a benchmark, now to work harder.




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2016 personal photography

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I’ve been pondering my photography of late, not my business sort of thing but who I am with a camera & especially why I do it.

 I have a little company (insert plug – & it has a pretty specific focus, photographing children’s baptisms & christenings in and around Melbourne (even all the way to Geelong)! Anyhow I digress – looking at my ‘work’ website it may seem like the only time I’m playing around with a camera is when I’m capturing christening events – but it’s only a very small facet of me behind the lens.

 Like many families I find myself to be super time poor (& super bad at time management) with a beautiful wife & two terrific (young & very cheeky) kids, I tend to do my photography work, editing and catching up on emails once the cherubs have gone to sleep. What tends to happen is that by the time I’ve got to the stage I need to write words to go along with my imagery or edit my own personal work I’m simply pooped! So it either doesn’t happen or happens really badly!