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pick your travelling partner & get going

We put so much off. Timing isn’t right. We can do it tomorrow. Maybe next year.

I think the older I get, I’m starting to appreciate the privilege it is to get old. It may suck at times as things don’t work as well as they used to but don’t put it off – get out and do what you want to do now.

I’ve found my traveling partner & am already looking forward to our next adventure together!

I got to spend a month with my family travelling around the Peloponnese in Greece & it was amazing. Timing was bad, I didn’t have enough leave accrued, I didn’t have the money to spend….

We made it work and it was the BEST time – eating, exploring, discovering, learning & taking loads of photos 😀

We live in a changing world and I’m trying to look at everything with renewed interest, trying to find the good where I can ( & participate in the silly when I think no one is watching).

Get out there & find your travelling partner,


2020 personal

Fast Forward 2020

Time to dust off the cobwebs, review and most importantly renew. Within a blink of an eye, here we are January 2020!

It’s been a wild time with amazing ups and some tragic downs. With the speed of how life has gone in the Constantinou household and in general I really wanted to reboot my personal blog and once again focus proactively on family and myself.  No silly nor crazy new years resolutions only a few personal guidelines to steer my own ship.


  • Mental & Physical Health
  • Finishing Projects
  • Sharing with others
  • Being more inclusive


That’s it, I’m keeping it simple this year.