2015 Children Jelly Bean Photography photography portraiture

Portrait Session Outtake – it is the little moments in between.

Mike Constantinou Anton Portrait 2015 jelly bean photography melbourne

During one of my little people portrait sessions, sometimes my portrait sitters get a little tired ūüôĀ

This poor little man was teething, hadn’t slept too well and had a unsettled little tummy but he was an absolute angel to work with!


I really love this capture – it’s the moments in between that are the most beautiful.

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2015 business Jelly Bean Photography personal

Ready, set, GO!

Not wanting to get back into old habits but needing to deal with a jetlagged family (& small kiddies), it makes a great time to catch up on a little work. Over the last month, my family & I have been enjoying the beautiful start of summer on the other side of the world in a little country called Cyprus (were my parents originate from).

What an awesome way of escaping the winter chills here in Melbourne.

This post is a little hello to all the families & Godparents-to-be whom have contacted me via email & facebook during that time¬†& hopefully you’ve all received my emails and messages.

If you haven’t had a response to your session¬†inquiries – not to worry there are on their way! I look forward to meeting you and your families soon!

Warm Regards,





Jelly Bean Photography by Mike Constantinou

2015 Children Jelly Bean Photography photography portraiture

National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP)

I was thinking of how I can better serve my clients and further my career as a Melbourne Child Photographer. So I plucked up the courage & submitted my work to The National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) for review.

I am pretty pumped to say, I was accepted!!



If you’ve never heard of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP), here is a little extract from their website:

NAPCP grants membership to photographers who are dedicated to exhibiting quality images of children on a consistent basis.

NAPCP members are expected to reflect exceptional skills in photography, originality and creativity, while promoting the honesty
and spirit of the children they capture. NAPCP members should uphold the highest ethics and integrity within their business practices.

The National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) is a member-based association representing and promoting the community of professional child photographers. The NAPCP provides a valuable platform for seasoned veterans and rising professionals alike to share their experiences, hone their craft and raise their professional visibility.

NAPCP connects parents searching for child photographers with its members by providing a comprehensive directory and informative articles on what to expect from their professional photography experience.

Well, what does this all mean? I’ll be working even harder than ever to create and produce beautiful portraits for my clients!

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2015 business Jelly Bean Photography photography portraiture

Looking forward to an awesome 2015!!

Welcome to 2015!

With 2014 being a very interesting mix I am really excited for 2015!

I am looking at getting back to basics this year and really focusing on what I truly love to create for my beautiful clients & re-aligning with my personality & ideals.

Now for something totally unrelated:


Its funny how more difficult it is to simplify and streamline what I create that what it had organically grown into over the last few years. Please keep an eye on this space (my website Jelly Bean Photography) for my updates which are all designed with both my existing clients and new clients in mind.


Looking forward to meeting lots of new families this year,

Love & Light,


Jelly Bean Photography personal photography portraiture




My little cowgirl – off to a birthday party! Boy oh boy this little lady sure likes to dress up, one day she’s bat girl & the next a cow girl – YeHa!!


I absolutely love capturing childrens portraits but even more when it’s my own! It’s coming up to the crazy/busy time of year again (can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?!) so Mum’s & Dad’s don’t forget to take your cameras to all your family get togethers and as someone there to take your family photo – because – let me guess that in 99% of your family snaps, someones always missing!


Better yet, hire a professional portrait photographer! They are not as expensive as you think and what they craft for you is priceless, especially in years to come. I won’t use this as a shameless plug (as I know my style is not for everyone) –


Now get out there and enjoy your day!


~ Mike