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pick your travelling partner & get going

We put so much off. Timing isn’t right. We can do it tomorrow. Maybe next year.

I think the older I get, I’m starting to appreciate the privilege it is to get old. It may suck at times as things don’t work as well as they used to but don’t put it off – get out and do what you want to do now.

I’ve found my traveling partner & am already looking forward to our next adventure together!

I got to spend a month with my family travelling around the Peloponnese in Greece & it was amazing. Timing was bad, I didn’t have enough leave accrued, I didn’t have the money to spend….

We made it work and it was the BEST time – eating, exploring, discovering, learning & taking loads of photos 😀

We live in a changing world and I’m trying to look at everything with renewed interest, trying to find the good where I can ( & participate in the silly when I think no one is watching).

Get out there & find your travelling partner,


2020 personal

Fast Forward 2020

Time to dust off the cobwebs, review and most importantly renew. Within a blink of an eye, here we are January 2020!

It’s been a wild time with amazing ups and some tragic downs. With the speed of how life has gone in the Constantinou household and in general I really wanted to reboot my personal blog and once again focus proactively on family and myself.  No silly nor crazy new years resolutions only a few personal guidelines to steer my own ship.


  • Mental & Physical Health
  • Finishing Projects
  • Sharing with others
  • Being more inclusive


That’s it, I’m keeping it simple this year.



2016 Children personal photography portraiture

Play time

Play time

Get down low, maybe through out a blanket.

Let them play.



Then learn to see the moment. Better than that, learn to see the moment before.
The tell.
That sign that the moment is coming, that moment is imminent.

My girls. Two of the greatest loves of my life.


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Test page for me to play around with new technology –



My Life

2016 personal

Blocked, the epic search for inspiration

I want. I want that burst of inspiration that will rocket me out of bed in the morning with rainbow and glitter trails! I want to effortlessly ping from project to project dazzling and impressing everyone I meet. I want. I want to be the very best me I can be. I want. I want to be magical.

What, huh? I want to be a fucking unicorn?


(I can’t find the artists details to credit him/her – sorry)


I know it’s a phase – I’ve been pushing it for a while now with so many elements of my life colliding. I kind of feel like the little people in my life are controlling me like a massive Mikey sized manakete with my cheeky as heck son pulling my strings. I know this phase will end & another (magical) one will begin but just for now – I’m tired. (I know, I know, poor me, poor Mikey). Being aware of my surroundings & especially those less fortunate than me is not lost on me. It’s just a passing phase. Not wanting my kids to grow any faster than the near light speed that they are already growing, just this little bitty challenging time would be nice – to press skip on the magical remote of life…


…but without these moments would we recognize the awesomeness? My life is very cool with many of my sooky moments totally self-inflicted (aka not looking after myself). I need to look to my super duper supporting partner in crime & all things life & she’s awesome. Unconditional love & support for my craziness. Kicking me up the bum when it’s needed & letting me know it’s ok to chill to.

I think I’m simply suffering from post holiday blues – take 10 days ‘off’ (well you’re never off with kiddies in tow) & following 20 days to get back on track J

Listing to my favorite podcast’s side project, the interviewed an international photographer (Sara Lando, no relation to Mr. Calrissian) & she had an epic quote about inspiration – I would highly recommend having a listen (here It’s my mate Andrew Hellmich’s podcast & really worth a listen.)

Moral of this story – without the craziness & supposedly ‘difficult’ times, how the hell would you know when you’re hitting the good times – let the inspiration roll (or just bloody roll up your sleeves & get stuck in!)


Mikey ~ out!