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My little cowgirl – off to a birthday party! Boy oh boy this little lady sure likes to dress up, one day she’s bat girl & the next a cow girl – YeHa!!


I absolutely love capturing childrens portraits but even more when it’s my own! It’s coming up to the crazy/busy time of year again (can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?!) so Mum’s & Dad’s don’t forget to take your cameras to all your family get togethers and as someone there to take your family photo – because – let me guess that in 99% of your family snaps, someones always missing!


Better yet, hire a professional portrait photographer! They are not as expensive as you think and what they craft for you is priceless, especially in years to come. I won’t use this as a shameless plug (as I know my style is not for everyone) –


Now get out there and enjoy your day!


~ Mike

personal portraiture

Hanging with Pappou {παππούς}

Hanging with Pappou, going a victory wave after rescuing a chocolate from the box!


Capturing the interactions between my dad & Lukas, it’s pretty awesome the relationship these two have. it’s not about the milestones for me, it’s about all the little interactions.

The moments in between.

Thirteen months old and already bursting with personality. I got into a bad habit of packing up all my kit and only bring it out for work. Back when Aly was the same age I had a camera permanently strapped to my hand. So my vow to myself – get back into creative habits and document my family as I do for others.

Most importantly just get back to shooting for me.




Jelly Bean Photography personal photography portraiture

Morning monkeying around

Blog Collage-1411867627877

I’ve always loved working with children but I have to say – I LOVE working with my own little munchkins. They are just so full of life and I enjoy having fresh portraits (or series of portraits) to adorn my walls.

As soon as the lovely wife spotted these she asked when we can have a framed print ready to hand!


I was talking to a good mate of mine who is (re) discovering the joys of photography and used an off camera flash technique to fill the room with light to create this ‘high key’ effect.  I love the clean look to these series of portraits and especially Aly’s cheeky smile at the end.

If you would also love a portrait of your children (like this), please contact me either via phone (0411 056 277) or email ( – I have a lot of other examples on my ‘work’ website (

Hear from you soon; in the meantime enjoy my family portraits,





Yep, so this happened



Yep, so this happened  – love you guys x

Jelly Bean Photography personal photography portraiture

Personal Portrait – out take {selfie}




  1. a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.
    “occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself every day isn’t necessary”

Mike Constantinou - Jelly Bean Photography - Melbourne Christening Photographer


Revving up the kiddies to have a little fun in front of the camera – love the ‘what the..’ expression on Lukas’ face – this portrait show the kinda wacky bunch we truly are (at the time of publishing, this image is being sent to the printers & will proudly be displayed as you enter our home… kinda like a warning).