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Blocked, the epic search for inspiration

I want. I want that burst of inspiration that will rocket me out of bed in the morning with rainbow and glitter trails! I want to effortlessly ping from project to project dazzling and impressing everyone I meet. I want. I want to be the very best me I can be. I want. I want to be magical.

What, huh? I want to be a fucking unicorn?


(I can’t find the artists details to credit him/her – sorry)


I know it’s a phase – I’ve been pushing it for a while now with so many elements of my life colliding. I kind of feel like the little people in my life are controlling me like a massive Mikey sized manakete with my cheeky as heck son pulling my strings. I know this phase will end & another (magical) one will begin but just for now – I’m tired. (I know, I know, poor me, poor Mikey). Being aware of my surroundings & especially those less fortunate than me is not lost on me. It’s just a passing phase. Not wanting my kids to grow any faster than the near light speed that they are already growing, just this little bitty challenging time would be nice – to press skip on the magical remote of life…


…but without these moments would we recognize the awesomeness? My life is very cool with many of my sooky moments totally self-inflicted (aka not looking after myself). I need to look to my super duper supporting partner in crime & all things life & she’s awesome. Unconditional love & support for my craziness. Kicking me up the bum when it’s needed & letting me know it’s ok to chill to.

I think I’m simply suffering from post holiday blues – take 10 days ‘off’ (well you’re never off with kiddies in tow) & following 20 days to get back on track J

Listing to my favorite podcast’s side project, the interviewed an international photographer (Sara Lando, no relation to Mr. Calrissian) & she had an epic quote about inspiration – I would highly recommend having a listen (here It’s my mate Andrew Hellmich’s podcast & really worth a listen.)

Moral of this story – without the craziness & supposedly ‘difficult’ times, how the hell would you know when you’re hitting the good times – let the inspiration roll (or just bloody roll up your sleeves & get stuck in!)


Mikey ~ out!

By Mike Constantinou

Mike Constantinou is a professional domestic photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.
Accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) from 2006 – 2017 & National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP). He enjoys being a big kid at heart & when not spending time with his beautiful young family, he is meeting & capturing the precious life moments of others.