writing about one’s self

Have you ever written or read something about yourself?

Did it make you laugh just a little? Was it super cool or a touch cringeworthy?

A little window in Monemvasia. This beautiful little town is located on a small island off the east coast of the Peloponnese.

I find myself in a challenging position – looking for a new job and I’ve begun the much loved and loathed CV writing journey. Quite frankly it’s a horrible experience but I’m determined to have some fun at it.

Reading through my old CV, like my opening questions it’s making me both laugh (at myself) and cringe in equal measure. Having worked in creative & technical fields, I think I need to add a little fun & funk to my tired old CV and see if I can make it stand out from the crowd.

I’ve written many about pages in the past (mind you, I think both of my ‘work’ websites really need a tune up too) so I think I need to break out of the stifling corporate mould and have a go.

Are there any ‘must do’s ‘ for writing CV’s or even better – things you should never ever write about?

if your taking the time to read this, hit me up with your coolest CV ideas?

See you soon,


2020 Greece personal travel

pick your travelling partner & get going

We put so much off. Timing isn’t right. We can do it tomorrow. Maybe next year.

I think the older I get, I’m starting to appreciate the privilege it is to get old. It may suck at times as things don’t work as well as they used to but don’t put it off – get out and do what you want to do now.

I’ve found my traveling partner & am already looking forward to our next adventure together!

I got to spend a month with my family travelling around the Peloponnese in Greece & it was amazing. Timing was bad, I didn’t have enough leave accrued, I didn’t have the money to spend….

We made it work and it was the BEST time – eating, exploring, discovering, learning & taking loads of photos 😀

We live in a changing world and I’m trying to look at everything with renewed interest, trying to find the good where I can ( & participate in the silly when I think no one is watching).

Get out there & find your travelling partner,


2020 personal

Fast Forward 2020

Time to dust off the cobwebs, review and most importantly renew. Within a blink of an eye, here we are January 2020!

It’s been a wild time with amazing ups and some tragic downs. With the speed of how life has gone in the Constantinou household and in general I really wanted to reboot my personal blog and once again focus proactively on family and myself.  No silly nor crazy new years resolutions only a few personal guidelines to steer my own ship.


  • Mental & Physical Health
  • Finishing Projects
  • Sharing with others
  • Being more inclusive


That’s it, I’m keeping it simple this year.



2016 Children personal photography portraiture

Play time

Play time

Get down low, maybe through out a blanket.

Let them play.



Then learn to see the moment. Better than that, learn to see the moment before.
The tell.
That sign that the moment is coming, that moment is imminent.

My girls. Two of the greatest loves of my life.


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Test page for me to play around with new technology –



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