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the year of grateful

I am very grateful for my lot in life.

Sometimes I don’t quite see it but when I take the time to centre myself and look, it’s there – smiling right back at me.

2013 has been a very interesting turn of events for me both personally and professionally. With both wonderfully positive and woeful negative things taking place. Impacting myself, family and friends. Welcoming new the joy of new life and saying good bye and thinking of those who have lost.

All events have had something to teach.

After a bit of a mid year ‘hic-up’, I have picked up the camera and focused on my family – the four of us. For me it has been in a word; refreshing, especially these last few weeks. I look forward to this year, with my family to build on the good foundations we’ve been working at and re-learn to pour our energies into what is important to us.

Leaving the not so important stuff to just slide.

Enough babble from me, I look forward to your company on this journey of 2014.




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the old ones

Mike Constantinou, Jelly Bean Photography, Christening Photographer


Things are pretty fast paced in life. We cram so much into so little time, no wonder we feel like the years just zip by. I fall victim to it all to often. Forget to take time, forget to make time. Time to just slow down & enjoy what’s around us. Time to appreciate what we have.

When I remember, which is usually when I ‘should’ be doing something else. I like to flick through photographs & remember that moment. What was happening right then. How I felt at that moment. I sometimes can not comprehend that I’m a husband, nor even that I’m a dad (of two!!).

When you get a chance, or better yet; make time – look back on your last six or twelve months.  What do you see?

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