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Congratulations on getting engaged..

..Now begins the hunt for your wedding photographer!


Once you begin doing your homework, finding your wedding photographer can start to feel like a daunting task. There are HEAPS of photographers out there – pretty much anyone with a half decent camera these days is calling themselves a ‘pro’ photographer.

If you pop the words ‘wedding photographer’ or ‘wedding photography’ & your location into google (or what ever search engine you like), you will be gobsmacked with a smorgasbord of wedding photographer webpages and images.  If they start to all look the same after a while – not to worry you’re not alone.

If you’ve got this far & landed here, please let me share some advice – please, whomever you are considering booking  – go and meet them  face to face (or skype meeting at a minimum). You’re about to book someone who you’ll be hanging out with for one of the most important days of your life, you really want to like this person & get along with them.

Because if you get along with your wedding photographer, it will have a MASSIVE impact on your photography!

An awesome wedding photographer not only creates & crafts beautiful wedding portraits, recording your day. They will make you laugh, enjoy your day & help out – way more that just be a camera on legs.

Ahh, rant over – I stopped actively photographing weddings in the early 2000’s due to thinking I had to photograph weddings in the same style I was taught (back in the days you were an assistant for years before being allowed to take client photos). My love & focus is children’s christenings, mostly orthodox celebrations – just to be a super specialist.  In my specialty I was able to create my own style & not be confined in what I thought I should do unlike weddings but..


..What actually started happening is that couples that saw my christening photography or watched me work & interact with my clients at christenings would contact me regarding their upcoming weddings. After looking at my christening work, would contact me to meet & talk about their weddings.

Couples wanted me to capture their day in the style I used for my christenings. It kind of floored me because clients would specifically request me.

Now after,  let me state two things ~ first congratulations for finding this page as I don’t advertise what I create or capture for my wedding couples ~ secondly I won’t proclaim myself as a wedding photographer (as strange as it sounds).

I am Melbourne’s dedicated Christening & Baptism photographer (you can see my work on my website or on Facebook). However due to the style of imagery & story telling I create for these beautiful families, I receive many bookings, referrals & inquiries to photograph couples in love on their wedding day.

If you would like to meet, face to face or over Skype, just click on contact (GET IN TOUCH) in the menu above to send me a message.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,





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