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The challenge of toddler and small fast moving people portraits while shooting on a tripod – aka challenging oneself

Todays post is all about challenges and Kama – First the challenges –


After listening to one of my favourite portrait photographer’s new pod casts – the fab Gina Milicia , I began considering my feeling towards my own personal & client work. Breaking it down what do I create?

I create family stories photographically. I look at my walls & around me are portraits of my family (both shot by me & also my lovely wife) & mixed with a few special events of our lives (namely my children’s christening portraits & those of my own god-daughter).

Looking at this moments, I personally know what it is like to have my memories close.


Listening to Gina’s interview, I started thinking about all of this again & how I can challenge myself to grow my own photographic skills with a view to be even better not just for my clients but for myself too.

My challenge today was to photograph my son Lukas – the very active 17 month old, who never sits still for more than a few moments – whilst shooting on a tripod. There were a lot of laughs today (most of them at me being the clown to get that shot I wanted or could visualise in my head!)

Now this doesn’t sound too much different to my normal effort (but for those friends & clients who’ve ever tried to photograph their young children or seen me working know how challenging it can be to just get that perfect characterful portrait).

Here are two of my fav portraits – There are heaps & I still haven’t worked my way through them all yet!

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Even though I was working (well goofing around) with my own little lad, today just reaffirmed my love of working with little kids & especially creating fun children portraits.. now the hard part to go though all the ‘final’ portraits with Yel to work out which ones we’ll get printed, framed & join the other memories we keep so close.

Love & Light,



(Apologies for the long post title… its a throw back to my youth and one of my favourite Pearl Jam tracks!)


PS – if anyone is interested in checking out Gina’s work – check out the following links and pages & enjoy!

Gina Milica



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By Mike Constantinou

Mike Constantinou is a professional domestic photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.
Accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) from 2006 – 2017 & National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP). He enjoys being a big kid at heart & when not spending time with his beautiful young family, he is meeting & capturing the precious life moments of others.